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NetoBand: Newspaper Girl

This excellent, mostly instrumental album marks a new and happy cycle in the life of Jose Neto, a Brazilian-born guitarist who has long been a gentle force on the Marin music scene. Netoband includes Frank Martin on keyboards, Gary Brown on bass, Celso Alberti on drums and Cafe de Silva on percussion. Special guests on the album include Narada Michael Walden, Jai Uttal, Daniel Paul and Troy Lampkins. Newpaper Girl is available from iTunes and Amazon.

NetoBand: Lua’s Dance

11 New studio tracks from the Netoband. Produced by Steve Winwood, this new recording sparkles with the melodies and fire that are so familiar to Netoband fans. From the title track to ‘Wild Horse’ and ‘Pablo’, Neoband has never sounded better. Buy now from iTunes!

NetoBand: Seventh Wave

“7th Wave-The Lucky One” was recorded live at Ronnie Scott’s as well as acoustic guitar tracks recorded in California and band tracks from Fantasy Studios in Berekley. Playing songs composed by Jose Neto, the NETOBAND takes you for a musical ride of influences from Brazilian rhythms to the flashing, rippling sounds of Jimi Hendrix and beyond. Delightful music interplay is the trademark of the Netoband, and is evident on this CD. Buy it now from iTunes!


Netoband - Seventh Wave
Steve Winwood: About Time

The latest release from Steve Winwood featuring Neto on guitar. Winwood and Neto collaborated on 3 songs on this album. There is a new version out now with a special bonus disc that includes an incredible live version of Jimi Hendrix’ classic “Voodoo Child” with Neto on guitar and Steve reprising his organ work from the original. Buy it now!

Steve Winwood: Nine Lives

Released in 2008, this album has 8 fantastic tracks, featuring Neto on guitar. Steve and Jose collaborated on 6 songs on this album.


  • Sue Says:

    Amazing guitarist and performer as welI. I was blessed to have met him last night at McGills at Hard Rock after watching him perform with Steve Winwood. What an awesome concert! I am so glad I went. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Lincke Says:

    This guy is one of the great guitarist living today. I have seen him play with Steve Winwood a few times and am more amazed each time I hear him play. He never fails to make me smile.

  • Jo Fisher Says:

    I saw Jose perform with Steve Winwood at Glastonbury last weekend. Spectacular guitar playing!!! People in the audience were looking at each other going “Wow!” at Jose’s solo. I danced til I was wet all over. You guys all seemed to be enjoying yourselves so much. It was beautiful!

  • Jeff Says:

    My wife and I saw you in Concert in ATL, you were awesome! Keep the music alive man.

  • Pittsburgh Jimi Says:

    Saw Jose with Stevie Winwood in Pittsburgh……….Man, this cat can SMOKE…
    Great Concert!

  • Annette Says:

    My boyfriend and I saw you Jose with Steve Winwood at the Prudential Center, Newark on Dec 7th. You were amazing, we couldn’t believe how good you were. Definitely going to buy your music so we can listen to you again and again and be blown away all over again!!

  • Kyra Neto Says:

    Saw the show last night in Stockton, Ca. Steve Winwood and the band was amazing! First time I saw/heard you, Mr. Neto play. You are a pleasure to watch and hear. Bravo.!!

  • sarae Says:

    love jose… saw him all the time when he was with harry belafonte . Great guy… would always come over and talk to me on the steps before rehearsal.

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